Our Values



As we grow as artists and as a business we wanted to express the values that we feel best reflect us. So that together we do our very best to live by these values everyday as we work, design and create for us and for our customers.

Quality and Craftsmanship

As artists we remain motivated by our deep passion and enthusiasm for art glass, while also driven to design and create excellence through our commitment to craftsmanship in everything we do.

Customer Service

Our customer focus comes through being welcoming, approachable, cheerful and supportive at all times to provide added value and enable us to deliver exceptional customer service.

Creativity and Inspiration

As artists we will always invest in our artistry and embrace the adventure of creativity. We will be inspiring to ourselves and to each other as our styles of glass art develop and grow.

Do the right thing

We will always treat our clients, customers and suppliers with respect, honesty and professionalism with equal conviction.


We consider personal commissions to be a collaboration between us and the client; where the process of design and creation enables us to produce a unique piece of art that is perfectly suited for their space.




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