Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Can I visit your studio?
A:   Yes, we would love to see you but please ring 07980 765753 or email contact@galiani.co.uk to arrange an appointment first.

Q:   Where can I buy your glass?
You can buy our glass from our website
       From an event 
       Or come and visit us at our Studio, we’d love to see you.

Q:   Do you demonstrate your working process?
Yes, at some events we attend and our studio is our work space so you can often see us working on pieces there as well as it being a showplace for our Art.

Q:   Is everything handcrafted by you?
A:   We take great pride in making everything ourselves at our Studio using a wide range of techniques and also design and make our own silver and glass jewellery as well as designing and making metal sculptures for our glass and metal displays for our glass artworks as well. Quality is important in our work, so our craftsmanship is key for us in all we do.

Q:   I saw a piece at a recent event but can’t see it on your website. Is it still available?
It may be.  If you could either ring or email us with the details of the piece you are interested in we will check to see whether it is still available. If not, we would be able to make you a similar piece just for you.

Q:   How can I order from you?
You can order through our website.
       You can order when you see us at an event.
       Or you can arrange to come to the studio and talk to us personally.

Q:   How can I commission a special piece of Glass Art?
Give us a call and arrange a visit to discuss your needs or drop us a line via our contact page so that you can discuss your commission. 
       We also have some information on the commissioning process that may be of help.

Q:   How long will it take to make?
With the larger commissioned pieces and bespoke jewellery items that will be discussed in the initial process, see commission info. For smaller pieces it would usually be one to two weeks depending on how busy we are, but we will keep you informed through the process.

Q:   How do I pay?
A:   If ordering online we will take payment at checkout.
       If ordering in person, we take payment when placing the order.
       If ordering a commission piece we will send BAC details with the layout and specification sheet before we start the work.

Q:   Are pieces presented in a gift box?
A:   Jewellery items are presented in appropriate gift boxes and glass bowls, vases and smaller items all come boxed up in unbleached, cardboard boxes with our logo.  Each piece we send will have a card included saying it is handcrafted by us.
       Larger pieces are usually signed by us and packed with care to ensure safe transportation.

Q:   Can I collect my order from your studio or one of your events?
A:   Yes
 of course that can be arranged by phone or email. We are happy to help.

Q:   Is postage and packing included in the cost?
A:   On most items, postage and packing is included as we want to make the buying experience as trouble free as possible.

Q:   How much do you charge for shipping?
A:   With larger pieces, the shipping costs will be calculated individually to ensure they are delivered safely and are insured and will be tracked.

Q:   Do you ship internationally?
A:   Yes we do and the charges are calculated on an individual basis depending on weight and size which also includes insurance.

Q:   Can I return my order?
A:   Yes, you can return your order. We ask that you to return your purchase within 14 days.



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