Frequently asked questions about commissioning a glass splashback:

We have taken many of the often-asked questions about our unique glass splashback designs to help you through the exciting process of commissioning your own fused glass splashback from us. Should we have missed anything out, do not hesitate to call us on 07980765753 and we will always be happy to help and guide you through the steps.

Can I visit you to discuss our ideas for a splashback?
Absolutely, we love to have visitors at the Studio. Just give us a call or get in touch via our contact page and we can arrange a time that suits your schedule to have a cuppa and a chat about your ideas. We would also suggest bringing along things like images, colour swatches, tiles and fabrics with you to help develop some exciting ideas.

What designs can you do?
Now there’s a challenge. Every design really is individual, to you and to us. We will work in partnership with you to visualise your final design; the layout, the colours, the shape and the techniques used. If we feel it is necessary, we will also prepare a small sample to ensure you are happy too. We care about every design we create and want it to make you smile every time you see it. Each design really is distinctive to every client and it is a real piece of art that makes an incredible impact.

What sort of colours could we go for?
We use a wide range of different glass types and colours. Having this range is what enables us to consider the colours, design process and techniques we would use for your design. We can also manipulate colours too to expand a possible palette. It is also one of the advantages of coming to the studio to see the colours first hand; and as we mention above we can also prepare a small sample to ensure you are happy with the colours and design.

What about bathrooms and wet rooms?
Glass is an ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, wet rooms and even outdoors. You can use it for glass wall art, splashbacks and even glass tiles – so it is extremely versatile and able to withstand environments where other materials wouldn’t survive.

What sort of sizes are you able to work to?
We are able to produce one individual piece to a size of 2 metres x 1 metre. However that has never stopped us producing larger commissions. It just means working in sections, which becomes part of the design stage, and the sections are then installed together across the area.

What about cut-outs for sockets for example?
When it comes to cut-outs, for sockets or cooker hoods, across the splashback it would be our recommendation to have them cut by water-jet as part of our service. This would all get included in the costings.

What about measuring up sizes?
Every splashback is individual and made-to-order for you, so there are never standard sizes. Most of the time measurements are provided to us as the fit is easy and clear. If it is a little more specific you can create a template. It is always worth taking several measurements as walls and fittings are not always true. If it is feasible, we are always happy to come and measure up in your home,

How is the splashback fixed?
We would suggest using a strong silicon adhesive, which we can supply with your splashback if you wish. We will happily help you with advice. Many clients have fitted themselves. You can use your own kitchen fitter/tiler who is be able to do it as part of your overall project. If feasible we are able to install for you.

Are there any general guidelines for positioning behind a hob?
Glass splashbacks have been used to stunning effect behind cookers, hobs and Aga’s. Many give a guideline of 10cm from the heat source (less if induction); an upstand for the splashback is also great for distance too. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can look at a picture and give you some advice.

What about cleaning?
Being glass it is very easy to keep clean. A regular glass cleaner or a little soap, warm water and sponge and you’re ready to go. Definitely avoid any abrasives though – you don’t want to scratch your beautiful glass after all.

What about delivery?
This would be arranged through a specialist carrier or alternatively by our own service if it is appropriate. Either way it can be worked out as part of the quotation process. If you are local, then the options are to pick-up from our Studio or local delivery to you.

What sort of cost can we expect?
That is a really hard one to answer (I know, sorry). Everything is dependent on so many variables: size, techniques used, glass colours involved and the range of firings required, cut-outs, delivery etc.. However, all of these are what makes your splashback design unique. The best way is to get in touch (tel: 07980765753; or via our contact page) and we can begin the exciting process of putting together your own unique glass art design that is also a functional glass splashback and will inevitably become a focal element within your kitchen.

We have tried to cover the main questions we are often asked. If we have missed anything, please do get in touch with us by phone, email or through our contact page and we will always do the best we can for you (Galiani Values).

A personally designed glass splashback is not only very special for you, it is for us too. It is genuinely exciting every time to design and create each piece. And we see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ and it is always incredible what an impact the art glass splashback makes. We look forward to chatting with you.



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