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Welcome to Galiani Glass Art where we, Ian and Gail, are the collaborative artists that make Galiani an exciting glass studio located within the heart of Dorset.

Our adventure with kilnformed glass, also known as fused glass, began way back in 2010 where we became immediately mesmerised by this amazing material. The range of magnificent glass colours allows us to develop our own creative styles through the interaction of light and shadow, reflection and transparency within this incredible amorphous material.

From those early days we have never looked back as we develop our individual skills and learn new ways to feed our passion for glass. We continue to increase our capabilities, investing both in ourselves and our equipment to grow our modest workshop into the vibrant Studio it is today. The Studio environment we have now cultivated allows us to use our artistry and craftsmanship to create an ever-diverse range of glass art and to grow and expand our work and styles.

We really took an unusual pathway towards learning our glass craft and have now developed a wide range of techniques and skills through our ‘forever learning’ approach. We have each developed our own styles and designs, empowered by our individual inspiration, thus allowing us to create a varied collection of artworks, jewellery and custom designs for visitors to see and experience.

Ian says “I have always been captivated by the beauty of glass. And still after working with glass for all these years as a craftsman it always amazes me how versatile this incredible material is. I love to create designs that draw together shape, colour and form while also looking at how these remarkable colours can be both complimentary and challenging when used together. It is often said that my work embraces both technical designs and intricate patterns, and it is through these that I try to create a truly visual experience that only glass can offer. It is always so satisfying to see people wowed by this amazing material and I look forward to sharing it with you, so do come and see us.”.

With such an eclectic mix of work we can be working individually and together to produce our beautifully crafted pieces of Glass Art, sometimes using the dynamism and elemental power of nature and then to our contemporary art styles inspired by colour, shape and the fascinating world around us.

Gail says “My work is inspired by the ever-changing flow of Nature; I see curves and shapes everywhere I look.  I love how the flexibility of working with glass means I can create a new wall design one day and then work on a distinctive jewellery piece that combines my love of glass with my own silver designs the next. Even the process of creating my own lampwork beads is ‘art in miniature’ and uses similar techniques to those used by the Ancient Egyptians! Using hot glass, I build layer upon layer of colour so delicately and intricately. All these challenges encourage us both to experiment and push our craftsmanship to try new techniques and combinations – it really is amazing! 

our-values2020websave.jpgWe find it incredibly rewarding when working with our clients, especially when we see the initial and often emotional reaction as our clients first see their finished piece, be this a small intricate piece of jewellery or a large statement piece of art for the wall or the garden it always gives us a feeling of great satisfaction and pride.

Testimonial: “Ian and Gail are friendly, helpful and willing to share their knowledge
to ensure we got the product we wanted."

Whether we are making individual pieces, or larger commissions, we want our customers and clients to feel important, enjoy the two-way process and appreciate the enthusiasm and love of glass that we as artists have. We have always wanted to create a wide range of glass that everyone can value and own, from the affordable to the unique or statement pieces.

Come and find us at our Studio in a very unique and historic location in Dorset; take the opportunity to see where we work and where the alchemy and inventiveness becomes reality.  You will always find us approachable and professional and enjoying the process of design and creativity, working on personal and collaborative commissions with clients to produce unique pieces of Art to be treasured.

Testimonial: “Gail & Ian are so helpful during a difficult time showing respect and empathy, but also happy to help you choose a precious item for your memories."

You can contact Gail and Ian through their Contact Page or call them to arrange a visit to their Studio on 07980 765753.
Studio directions can be found here.
Alternatively you can see them at any of the events they have planned here.


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